Woman Smart Bracelet: Heart Rate Monitoring And Waterproof


Take advantage of moments of calm in your day to perform breathing sessions

It has an impressive number of features to meet your needs and take care of you. Continuous analysis of your heart rate. Equipped with optical heart rate analysis technology on the wrist (diode sensitive to blood flow), this connected wristwatch tracks your heart rate continuously without the need for heavy devices on your chest. You can then optimize your workouts thanks to a control maintain the intensity of your effort at the target pulse to burn fat, analyze your recovery dynamics or take advantage of moments of calm in your day to perform breathing sessions. 


  • Waterproof and dustproof (you can wear it in the pouring rain, wash your hands, go climbing or any other sport. 
  • Blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor. 
  • Multiple sport mode (running, cycling, climbing, basketball, football, walking, badminton)
  • Support for ios 8.0 above and android 4.4 above
  • Reminders: call reminders, sms, qq, micro reminders, skype reminders, facebook, whatsapp.
  • Time display
  • Number of steps
  • calories
  • Distance
  • Watch standby mode
  • Display on / off
  • Sleep monitoring (sleep duration, sleep quality, prolonged waking), waking / medication / meeting.
  • Gesture control camera (shake your wrist to take photos).


  • This portable device monitors human activities using electronic sensors.
  • Do not compare the data of the smart watch with the readings of hospital equipment, it is not a medical device!
  • Before using it, scan the qr code on the manual to download the app and connect it to the watch with app.

The product includes

  • 1 x Woman smart bracelet
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Disastrous USB charging side