USB Air Purifier: Aroma Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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Bring sensation to your home and relax from a long day at work!

How to clean the air of its interior without using harmful products or aerosols? If you want to purify one of your rooms, the USB Air Purifier is for you. The ultrasound technology allows an effective exit from a very fine misting which accelerates and facilitates the diffusion of essential oils for the well-being of your family. This diffuser adopts ultrasonic technology which provides a soft and mist and pleasant weapons to create a calm and relaxing environment, soften and moisten dry and chapped skin and helps you breathe better in winter. Made of srs ABS and PP materials, respectful of health and flame retardant, this weapon humidifier has CE certifications to assure you a superior quality and good health. It will wrap your environment effectively.

Eliminating Substances

The humidity in the air helps hydrate and maintain the vitality of your skin.Air purifier, the USB Air Purifier releases large quantities of negative ions, eliminating harmful substances such as formaldehyde in it. air. This device regenerates and purifies the air, preventing microbial attacks and external pollution. He is silent. With an operating sound of - 30dB, your sleep will be preserved. The diffuser preserves the molecular structure of essential oils and increases their soothing effect.


  • Do not add too much essential oil.
  • Add the appropriate amount of water, the maximum amount of water is 130 ml.
  • Do not cause the humidifier to lose balance, or the water will spill.
  • Regularly clean the cotton swabs and change the cotton swabs, you must add the spring wire with the cotton swabs, because there will be no fog if without the spring wire.
  • Please clean the atomizer plate regularly with medical alcohol.


  • Diffuse in absolute silence which guarantees you a soothing calm.
  • Our product provides you with deep aromatherapy after a long day full of fatigue.
  • Guarantees complete hydration of your skin.
  • Zero radiation for an environment full of comfort.
  • Portable You can carry it with you anywhere.