Suitcase Belts Packing Tape With Password Buckle Luggage Straps

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ADJUSTABLE LUGGAGE STRAP: The Luggage Packing Belt is adjustable, secure buckle closure, can be used to most standard size luggage box or bags.

COLORFUL SUITCASE BELT: The travel case straps are solid colours, you will feel easy to spot suitcases on conveyor belt with these bright coloured baggage straps fitted.

3-DIAL COMBINATION LOCK: This luggage straps features a password coded secure lock and a sturdy rainbow woven elastic strap to keep luggage securely fastened. Secure buckle closure ensures security, setting password is very easy.


  •  3-Digit combination lock.
  • Adjustable suitcase straps.
  •  ID tag slot and removable name card.
  • Four line process, double bearing, metal wheel highlights the quality of the product. Comes with one piece of luggage sticker for gift.
  •  Bright color and unique cross belts helps to differentiate your luggage easily, prevent your luggage from popping open, Gives Extra Security and Added Protection.
  •  Fits most luggage sizes,suitable for 16-30 inch case, especially large suitcases, don't come apart.
  • Heavy duty cross luggage strap. Super strong nylon material, highly friction resistant.
  • Cross design, double protects your luggage.


  • Item Name: Luggage Strap Suitcase Belt
  • Weight: 210 g
  • Size: 186 cm X 5 cm (73.2 inch x 1.9 inch)
  • Material: Sturdy Nylon Webbing Strap + Plastic Buckle + PVC ID Tag Slot

How to set password:

1. To open your personal combination, please obey the following steps.

2. The lock is preset at factory to open at 0-0-0. check the 0-0-0 aim at indication line. Press down the snap. Now the lock is ready to open.

3. Press down the button inner of the lock.

4. Set the password as you want and remember it.

5. Release the button, now your private combination is set.

Package Includes:

1 x Luggage Strap Suitcase Belt