Speed Camera Detector: Save Money and Drive Safely


Speed ​​Camera Detector can detect all speed cameras even the latest generations!

Have you ever exceeded the speed limit by a few kilometers / hour and ended up with a fine and withdrawals of points? The goal is in no way an invitation to drive at speeds outside limits and dangerous. The problem with roads is that the authorities apply speeds that vary from one area to another. You can choose an audible and / or visual alert which will be triggered as soon as it detects a speed camera. A first alert will warn you 800/1500 meters from the radar and a second when you arrive nearby. it plugs into your cigarette lighter and comes with a non-slip base so you can install it properly. fixed, mobile, binoculars, traffic lights and section radars that calculate your average speed over a section of road. Moreover,\

Powerful laser detector

It has ultra-fast scanning circuits, offering an additional detection range. No speed camera can resist him. Thanks to its laser detector operating at 360 ° over a radius of 1500 meters maximum, it emits an audible warning when you approach a KU band speed radar used internationally, whether fixed or mobile. It also has an automatic speed detection stop function, making the device invisible in the event of control. 

End of fines

Its high accuracy makes it possible to avoid false alerts and to be warned, even in the presence of sophisticated speed cameras. Being very cheap, it is very practical to prevent accidents and possible speeding tickets. Thanks to our Speed ​​Camera Detector, avoid excessive and unfair fines.

Customizable for each user 

Its volume and the brightness of the screen are adjustable and buttons allow you to switch between city mode and highway mode. It detects at first between 200 and 800 meters, to warn you of the presence of the radar. And a second time near the radar to notify you of the actual location.


  • Its laser detector system leaves no blind spots that could house a speed camera.
  • Its range is 200 to 800 meters, which gives you plenty of time to slow down.
  • Fixed speed cameras 
  • Mobile speed cameras 
  • twin radars 
  • traffic light radars 
  • section radars which calculate your average speed over a section of road.
  • The Speed ​​Camera Detector has a control screen.

Package List

  • 1 * Radar Detector
  • 1 * Power cable
  • 1 * Non-slip mat
  • 1 * User Manual