Pet cushion: Velvet material, Comfortable and Warm

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The luxurious look, the fashionable aspect and the magnificent relaxing pouffe ideal for your pets!

Ideal for pets who love to pet! The raised rim supports the head and neck, while the ultra-soft cushion relieves joint and muscle pain. The design and luxurious look of the soothing bed make it an excellent choice. It easily adapts to the design of any home. Made of long hair, super soft and very hot. Animals love to sleep in this cushion. Pure color with a nice design, it is a good bed for your pets. In addition, it is easy to transport and light. Easy cleaning. Non-toxic, odorless material. Your animals will love it. As our small animals also deserve a pleasant rest and a good night's sleep, offer them a relaxing and comfortable ottoman.

Soft and silky

Your little dog or cat wouldn't want to leave their cozy little nest just for them. An ergonomic cushion made of soft, high-quality fur. Small animals will have the impression of playing with a soft toy because the pouffe is smooth and velvety.

Pet cushion

Friendly nature

Available in different colors, the fabric that makes up the pet bed is also non-toxic and safe for you and the occupant. A healthy and clean cushion, it is also protected against mold.

Very practical accessory

The relaxing beanbag is light and easy to carry. You can attend all your trips, the relaxation cushion is effective and useful. This will provide incomparable comfort to your little companion in any season. Ideal for cold winters, your pet will enjoy a warm nap in its adorable relaxing pouffe.

Relieves Anxiety

Using a concept known to therapists, it allows for a drastic reduction in anxiety. The raised lip creates a feeling of security, thereby activating the nervous system in a positive way. This will allow your pet to calm down more quickly, relax more easily and sleep more deeply. By increasing the feeling of security provided by the raised edges, your pet can fall asleep with a slow and steady heartbeat. It will therefore reduce stress on the heart and brain for a long and healthy life.

Machine washable

Made from soft fur that is also found in baby blankets, it is one of the most comfortable materials! Its long fibers are soft, durable and machine washable. You can wash it directly by hand or machine. There are different sizes suitable for small and large dogs. A functional and versatile tool.

  • Dip the cushion: if your dog's cushion needs to be washed, wash it by hand with warm soapy water.
  • Shake the cushion: wash it, shake it gently
  • Rinse the cushion.
  • Let it air dry.
  • Replace the cushion.


  • Lamb velvet fabric, comfortable and warm.
  • Hairy softness, fashionable and beautiful appearance, warm and comfortable.
  • Foldable, portable and easy to take out pet nest.
  • Suitable for small dogs and cats.
  • Give your pet a good nest.
  • Material: lamb velvet + coral velvet