Titanium Toothpick with Protective Holder, Non-toxic Waterproof Reusable Pocket Size Portable EDG with Key Ring for Purse Outdoor Picnic EDC Keychain

  • TC4 Titanium Materials - Medical grade materials with anti-corrosion, non-toxic, anti-allergy, antibacterial, high strenth, smooth polished.
  • Lightweight - 0.42oz weight with security ring won't add any pressure to your key ring. It is easy to carry and hang it on keychain and bag, or put in purse
  • Multi-functions - Not only a toothpick, but also a toothpick protective holder from dirty. The bottom pointy is not like needle sharp, it won't hurt your fingers.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Compare to wooden toothpick, the titanium is reusable and more resource-saving; Compare to plastic toothpick, the titanium is tough and easy to carry. It can be used on bbq or fruit time, also a picker and cleaner for tiny items.
  • Daily Usage - Specially fits for carnivores and space between tooth. It works well on clean your tooth like gum and vegetables. Best gift for hiking, camping, daily life and business. With this toothpick, you will own a perfect date without any embarrassment again.

Why Titanium

Lightweight and strong - It has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. It weighs almost the same as aluminum but is stronger than steel.
Corrosion resistant - It is highly resistant to corrosion even in sea water, aqua regia and chlorine.
Bio-compatible - It is non-toxic, non-allergenic and perfectly compatible with the human body.
Durable - It is more durable than gold and has become a popular choice for designer jewelry.

Portable for EDC

Toothpick holder is portable pocket style, with mini key ring, easily-carried, can also hang it on keychain or bag, put in purse or anywhere you like. Useful for the everyday carry essential, be able to use your personal toothpick whenever or wherever you need.

Tooth Cleaner

Bold solid type. Diameter reaches 2.5mm/0.1", peak 0.3mm/0.01" (the most suitable size for teeth picking). Drop the wooden toothpicks and never face the situation that it is broken when picking teeth. Warm gift for yourself and the ones you love.

Multi-functional Tool Kit

  • Not only a toothpick, but also a protective toothpick holder from dirty.
  • Not only a toothpick with holder, but also a fork replacement in outside.