Nano Facial Mister, Handy Moisturizing Mist Sprayer, USB Rechargeable Facial Sprayer with Portable Facial Atomization

  • Larger spray: fine fog, high cost performance, no makeup from the skin 5cm use, after make-up, please use 12-15cm from the skin, will not damage your makeup.The Nano Mister penetration, adopts a high-tech atomization chip and special high-speed oscillation processes turning the particle into 0.3-0.5 nm molecule sizes which penetrates deep into the skin quickly. No irritation!
  • Gently slide the slide to spray micro-flowing skin care. It will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.The product is compact and can be carried around, giving your skin hydration at any time.
  • Use on normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin types, help skin recover to a tender younger and healthier condition.
  • Nano – Ionic Technology Produces the finest ionic mist spray that moisturizes without damaging your makeup for a refreshing lift any time of the day or evening. Nanometer ionic cool mist penetrates into the basal cell layer of the skin, the cooling function shrinks the pores and makes skin firmer.
  • Embedded tank capacity is up to 9 ml, you can use it around 13 times per tank,Water tank removable cleaning . USB charging is convenient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Whisper Quiet, slim and sleek design.


USB RechargeableFacial Sprayer,Portable Facial Atomization,Nano sprayer,Water replenishing Instrument,Nano Facial Mister,Face Mist Sprayer,Handy Moisturizing Mist Sprayer,Eyelash Extensions Mist light weight & portable,mini size, blue cue light turns on when using the Nano Mister,Compatible with live nutrients, eyelash extensions, water, etc Suitable for hair, eyelash, face, and body.