Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Holder: Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

This Waterproof Smartphone Pouch is the perfect solution to take your phone with you everywhere!

Are you looking for a phone holder for your motorcycle, scooter or even your bike? This motorcycle phone holder is safe and very practical. This holder is designed to withstand harsh conditions while protecting your phone and personal belongings.

It attaches to all cylindrical handlebars of bikes and motorcycles up to 4.5cm in diameter. This is the safest and most versatile Handlebar phone holder. This support is designed to be secure and able to withstand all weather conditions. It protects your phone and your property from the weather. 


  • It is a mini DV camera, support for snapshot; support TV out.
  • It is a real time video recorder. You can use this recorder in your pocket to record live conversations.

The package includes

  • 1x Phone Holder for Handlebar