Hooded Travel Pillow: Improve Your Comfort While Traveling


A soft hooded travel pillow for a serene journey!

Do you frequently travel by air as part of your work? Or are you a tireless globetrotter who likes to discover the world and its thousand and one wonders? So, improve your comfort on the go with this soft hooded travel pillow. But, this pillow can also be used during your naps at home. Well, why deprive yourself of it?


Comfort guaranteed with the soft hooded travel pillow. Whether for air travel or afternoon naps, this soft hooded travel pillow is sure to provide you with the comfort you deserve. Indeed, this pillow designed in cotton and polyamide fibers is filled with polystyrene beads. Nothing like this to allow you to sleep a good and deep sleep! In addition, if you have trouble sleeping because of the light, the hood with which it will help you fall easily and quickly in the arms of Morpheus. A 2-in-1 accessory therefore since you will not need to acquire a sleep mask and an airplane cushion separately. This hooded travel pillow is more than enough to make you happy!

Ergonomic design

An accessory that is both practical and ergonomic With its ergonomic U-shape, this soft travel pillow with gray hood displays a unique design that promises you an incomparable feeling of security. Perfect as a neck support for quality naps, this travel accessory will prevent you from sliding sideways. And this, whether you are seated, Near the aisle, in the middle or on the side of the window, In a car, train or bus. On the couch

The package includes

  • 1 * Hooded travel pillow