Express slicer: Reduce preparation time by at least half


An incredible tool that restores the desire to cook

You will love this multifunctional kitchen appliance which will allow you to slice, cut and grate at will. The manual system is really very simple to use, especially since the grip is really very comfortable. This utensil is easy to use and cuts your food preparation time in half.

Do you have time to prepare a healthy meal for your family?

The multifunctional express slicer allows you to cut preparation time by at least half. Save your time instead of cutting, preparing, slicing or even cutting.


The Slicer Expres is the ideal kitchen assistant that saves you time while carefully preparing balanced homemade meals.

Easy to use

It is very easy to use. It makes 12 cuts and slices effortlessly on each turn.

Made with stainless steel blades and ultra-safe plastic. It will save you time for many years. It is made to last!