Dust Mask: Muffle Filter with Multi-Layer Air Purifier


Reduces the risk of respiratory diseases!

effects are inevitably felt on the general state of health. It is entirely possible to preserve your lungs and your health by opting for our Dust Mask.

 Very effective respiratory protection mask , it filters out all the particles, letting only clean air reach your lungs, even if you are in the city!

Made with a high quality sponge material, breathable and comfortable, our anti pollution mask is also very practical.

Indeed, it is washable, reusable and foldable. You can then slip it into your bag or pockets to use it whenever you need it.

Another strong point, the very comfortable port thanks to the wide strap which is not used at the level of the ears.

Benefits :

  • Filters all particles
  • Allows you to regain control over the air you breathe even in the city
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory diseases
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Foldable and reusable