Defogging and Defrosting Car Heater


Warm up the interior of your car quickly and efficiently!

Do you want to warm up the interior of your car quickly and efficiently? With the cold, driving a car becomes tricky. Indeed, it suffices that the vehicle is stationary for a few minutes for a layer of ice to settle on the windshield, considerably reducing visibility. Add to that the cold which quickly settles in the passenger compartment! No more very long minutes spent in the cold waiting to be able to start the heating, our hot / cold car fan makes your cabin pleasant almost instantly.

Hot air, cold air

This car radiator fan has 2 operating modes

  • In winter, it can be used in heating mode to thaw or defog the car windshield.
  • In summer, you can use it in ventilation only mode, to stir the indoor air and create a feeling of freshness.

Note that this defroster fan is portable and can be moved from one vehicle to another without problem.

More security

Although amendable, we often see drivers leaving with a windshield only defrosted over a small space, barely larger than the size of a face.

This way of doing things, which we all used one day or another (because we were late, in a hurry to join someone, or simply in a hurry), is very dangerous. With our defroster fan for cars, your windshield will be defrosted in a few minutes, and you will be able to drive with your vehicle, in complete safety.

Easy to use

The use of the defroster fan for car or truck is very simple

  • Place it on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • Orient it toward your windshield.
  • Connect it to the 12v socket on the car or truck.
  • Wait a few moments. You can also change the orientation of the defroster to speed up the process.
  • Unplug the defroster.
  • Drive safely.


    • 2-in-1 function, heating and cooling 
    • Offering a high-powered fan, which can quickly warm the air without waiting for your engine to warm up
    • 3 ventilation openings for a wider and practical cover
    • Can be fixed on a non-slip mat or with double-sided adhesive tape 
    • 180 ° rotating free adjustment
    • Light and compact