Anti-lice comb: non-chemical treatment for children and pets

Perfect and safe to use against fleas, lice and eggs!

Watch out for all the parasites hanging around you and your children! Finally, an effective solution without chemicals. Is your dog scratching all the time because of fleas?

As all dog owners know, their pet is very likely to catch fleas. Indeed, even with the greatest precautions, it only takes a walk in the middle of the bushes for the fleas to settle on the dog's coat and reproduce at crazy speed! We offer you a solution that is as effective as it is harmless for your four-legged friend: Anti-lice comb.

It serves both as a comb and as a vacuum cleaner for capillary parasites such as lice, nits, fleas, traces of eggs and other parasites. It works perfectly on all hair types without damaging them and safely. The comb is designed to suck up and trap the parasites without using the chemicals of the usual treatments. Getting rid of fleas becomes very simple without using chemicals that impact the health of the dog, the owner and especially that of the children of the family.

As there is no active ingredient used, it is possible to renew as many times as necessary the brushing with the electronic flea comb. Use the comb on your animal as a prevention and as an alternative to chemical treatments.

How it works ?

The LED laser light of this anti-lice device, can neutralize them and contemplate your victims in the transparent central tube. Once your children's heads are perfectly clean and healthy, remove the disposable filter and calmly throw it in the trash. The parasites will die after a few minutes in the vacuum cleaner ...


  • No chemicals, no health risks
  • Reusable, very easy to use
  • Suction system.
  • Does not cause an allergic reaction
  • Detachable disposable filter


  • 3 x Filters