Animal Carrier: Kangaroo Pocket Hood


The best way to get warm for you and your pet!

During the cold days of the gray season, we all look for a way to keep ourselves warm and, above all, very comfortable. This doesn't just apply to us humans, not our furry darlings don't want to freeze either! This beautiful hooded kangaroo sweater is perfect for carrying a small dog or a cat. It has a large and a small opening at the front, convenient for carrying a small dog or cat everywhere with you. .


How dreamlike! While being warmed by a soft and warm sweater, you simply carry your pet in the pocket of pet sweaters! So you can warm up on cold days and be very close! Hooded sweater made from a cotton and polyester blend. Features a lining, a large and a small zipper, as well as snaps. Machine washable 


The animal transporter operates after the Kangoroo Prinziep. On the front of the sweater, a bum bag is attached to the front of the sweater, which is perfect for small pets such as small dogs, cats, rabbits or guinea pigs. The interior of the bum bag is removable by zippers and is therefore easy to wash. 

Size Chart

The package includes

  • 1 * Animal transporter