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Going camping is an experience that everyone should enjoy. From backpacking to glamping, the astonishing places you find to camp are worth it. There comes a serene peace from getting out into nature and the great outdoors. For that reason, a good option for nature lovers and adventurers is camping. The best camp trips are when you’re prepped and ready with all your must-have camping gears. Everything will depend on the country you’re planning to go and the date of your arrival. There are many essential camping products all travelers must have, but looking for everything all over the Internet or driving everywhere to multiple stores is exhausting, thats why here on The Travel Tools, we make it easier for you with all your needs in one single place, the following is the list of your basics:

1. Tent

There are several tents out there, some of them quite expensive and others as inexpensive as a cup of coffee. The first thing that matters most in a tent depends on the location you go. In a tropical geographies, for example, you need one like this Outdoor Ultralight tent that will keep you safe and at the same time, will give you plenty of air, and don’t forget mosquito nets when camping, too.

2.Sleeping Mats & Sleeping Bags

Depends on where you are camping, but nights tend to be chilly, even in humid places. A must-have for a comfortable nights sleep are sleep mats or air mattresses that will provide a cushioned bed while camping. To keep warm we have plenty of sleeping bags to choose from for those chilly climates. Even if your camping destination is hot and humid, we have the perfect light sleeping bags to keep you covered, like this light sleeping bag

3. Reusable Water Bottles and Water Bags

A reusable water bottle is a good option when it comes to saving both money and the environment. Having a water bottle will give you the convenience of clean drinking water without buying plastic bottles. Another option is a portable water bag like this, with a capacity of five lister, and the best of all is that it is reusable.

4. Folding Knife

Folding knives can save you time, and they can make things a lot easier for you when camping. It's not necessarily for danger, but for use in the setting up camp, firewood, cutting, etc. Check out our folding knives like this Prostormer 11-in-1 stainless folding knife Folding knives like this one is a good asset that will help you prepare food, flay, cut wood / plastic / ropes / fabrics, or as a defensive tool. Without a doubt a survival folding knife is a versatile tool.

5. Mini First-Aid Kit

A practical first aid kit is very convenient when camping. It's important to keep essential medicines such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory, bandages, anti-nausea, and alcohol swabs with you. You never know when you can take a fall and need some bandaging, or an upset stomach or a bad headache, it's best to have a mini first aid kit ready for the unknown when traveling, and especially when camping, when access to a store may be limited. Please don’t overload your first aid kit, but make sure you have the necessities. Check out this medicine kit bag will keep all your medicines and first-aid kit safe and accessible for use.

 6. GPS and Maps

If the area where you are going is in he depths of the mountains, or is in a remote locale, you can’t forget your GPS and a local map to guide you. A GPS and local maps are essential tools for knowing your position, and to be able to return to your original location. Nowadays, there are many advanced GPS with a pocket-friendly price and multifunctional like this one at The Travel Tools  unless you prefer to go old school, in many tourist offices, free maps and brochures are available for travelers.


Undoubtedly, camping trips are always an amazing experience and using the items listed above will save you headaches and ensure a great camping trip. There are more items to pack for a camping trip, but these are the basics. The World is covered with astonishing beaches, incredible history and landmarks, giant mountains, and dreamy desert oasis, so get out there and go camping, and get ready for the great unknown at The Travel Tools. The last words to say here is don’t forget to take photos along the way, and good luck. Take only memories, leave only footprints.

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