August 25, 2019

India is a land of traditions, culture and famous cuisine. The Indian cuisine includes spices and herbs incorporated in mainly vegetable, but also meat, dishes. India is a wondrous land. Its history dates back to ancient time of the subcontinent. Many famous buildings from the Mughal period stand in India still today. It is home to the famous Taj Mahal that people travel all the way to see in the city of Agra in UP, India.

India is a country through which tourist should be prepared to backpack and explore rather than sit back and relax. It invites a more adventurous holiday. Speaking of adventure, India also invites adventure and excitement to the taste buds! So what are these thrillingly mouthwatering foods of the Indian cuisine that one must try while backpacking and exploring the country?

The Indian cuisine has some exciting vegetable dishes that are one of a kind; these include Alu Gobhi, Gobhi ka Paratha, Paneer Tikka, Rajma, Muttor Paneer, etc. Alu Gobhi is a spicy dish with potatoes and cauliflower cooked in a curry. Gobhi ka paratha is cauliflower cooked in a chapatti and pan-fried to crisp. Paneer Tikka is a kind of barbecue cheese in the form of blocks, hard to describe but definitely like nothing you’ve tasted before. Rajma is a spicy yet very balanced curry made mainly of red kidney beans that tastes scrumptious. Muttor paneer is another gravy dish which is mainly green peas cooked with “Paneer” (Indian cheese) into a delicious curry, usually served with rice. Each dish is special in its own unique way and is easily available at any local restaurant. Almost all the Indian curry dishes can be enjoyed with their traditional bread called “Naan”. You’ll find many Naan shops called “Tandoors” in the streets of India.

All these dishes are a must-try! They allow your taste buds to explore the different flavors of India while you explore the depths of the country. However, you cannot miss out on the world-famous Indian Street food! These surely are a treat. They include: Alu Tikki, made from potatoes; Pani Puri, you have to try this to know exactly what it is and how exciting the flavor of it is; Dosa, another unique and flavorsome dish. If you have a sweet tooth, then you most certainly will not be disappointed after trying their Barfi, a famous Indian sweet; Jalebi, always fried to perfection and served hot, usually enjoyed with milk; and of course, Kulfi, which is a kind of nutty ice cream that you simply cannot resist.

These foods are only a handful of the delicious foods that you have to try when traveling through India. You’ll find yourself going back again and again for more tastes, and having cravings even when you are back home! So don’t miss out on this exciting journey for your taste buds that will blow your mind and transform your food preferences. Just make sure to keep a high tolerance for flavors, and be prepared for the hot spices. But don’t fret it! You can always soothe the spicy flavors with some cool and sweet kulfi or sizzling sweet jalebi and milk.

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