May 13, 2019

Backpacking Bali is great for ultimate adventure and leisure. Bali is a popular tropical island gateway of Southeast Asia famous for its beaches, mountains, temples and endless natural beauty. The island enjoys a tropical warm climate all-round the year. The island is huge, and the attractions are spread across. Backpackers traveling to Bali often enjoy diversified experiences of the beaches and mountains. It remains important preparing the Bali Packing list during Backpacking Bali. Let us find out how to prepare a Bali Packing list and what all you require to carry.

Which Bag to carry?

The island of Bali is big and divided into North, South, East, West and Central regions. The attractions also spread across accordingly in these regions. It inevitably means you require a lot to travel during your Bali Backpacking. Keeping yourself light is extremely importance and a backpack luggage shoulder bag comes handily. Pack all essential things inside the bag and get ready enjoying the Bali holiday to the fullest.

What clothes to carry?

The island of Bali remains a tropical paradise gateway having warm temperature throughout the year. It is therefore important to carry light cotton clothes, Jeans, etc. Don’t forget to add a cotton pillows headrest cushionto your Bali Packing list as it gives ultimate comfort during the long flight.

What gadgets to carry?

The picturesque beauty of the island remains beyond any comparison. You find endless beaches, active volcanoes, waterfalls and so many natural wonders all over Bali. It is certain to capture and lock them into your travel memories. To capture the best moments includes a professional DSLR camera into the Bali Packing List. At times it might get challenging taking breathtaking pictures of the Mount Agung or Batur from a distance. A professional DSLR camera serves the purpose by zooming in the image with its infinite autofocus lenses. Capture the best of your travel moments with a professional DSLR camera and keep your memories live forever.

Currency and other important documents to carry

Bali’s currency is rupiah and 1 USD = 14,000 IDR approximately. The currency denominations used in Bali is Big and the smallest currency note is 1,000 IDR. You can expect a large number of notes if you exchange, let’s say 100 USD. A pouch money waist belt bag comes extremely handy during Bali Backpacking. Keep all the currency notes securely inside the bag along with the Mobile, Credit Cards, Passport and other important travel documents. You can wear this bag around the waist area and securely access the stuff kept inside the bag.

Let’s wrap it up!

The most significant items to include in the Bali packing list are discussed over here. If you are Backpacking Bali and want to know what all you need to carry, Click Here!

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