September 01, 2019

Pakistan is a beautiful and wondrous land full of cultural variety and diverse landscapes. It’s one of the most welcoming countries, worth exploring and backpacking across. Over the years, Pakistan has faced some harsh global criticism, and unfortunately has been wrongfully portrayed as a terrorist country. However, the truth about Pakistan, is in fact, a beautiful country, where the people have warm hearts that welcome tourists and foreigners with open arms and treat them with overwhelming amounts of care and respect. Pakistan is a culturally diverse country with each city differing from the other. The land is full of adventurous opportunities to explore nature and its beauty, lending space to reconnect with your inner self.

Pakistan has many amazing cities. One of the most prominent would be Islamabad, which is the capital of Pakistan. This is a city where many foreigners have decided to settle in. It is a quiet and peaceful city and is beautifully landscaped. Islamabad is famous, not just because it’s the capital city or that its fast-growing, but also, for the lush green urban city design, the countless opportunities for fine dining, and of course, the breathtaking Margalla Hills that encompass the city. The marvelous hills give the venturous and thrilling opportunities to hike the trails of Margalla to the the famous restaurant Monal, just in time to celebrate the accomplishment of the hiking journey. Monal offers a beautiful and indescribable view atop the city Islamabad. From this vista, you can see the whole city. The gorgeous city views from the hilltops make you realize how minuscule we all really are. Better yet, hike to Monal at night to enjoy the view of city lights.

The northern areas of Pakistan are a must when backing this lavish country . The north of Pakistan is a mountainous region with mind-blowing sceneries, with geographies and places that make you forget the rest of the world. Not to mention, the local people are beyond welcoming. They’re kind-hearted folks, and their local cuisine of the north is unique and very tempting. The main tourist attractions of the amazing northern regions would include: Hunza, Swat, Skardu, Nathiagali, Gilgit and many more.

The experience of Pakistani culture and tradition is incomplete if you do not visit Lahore during your backpacking journey. Lahore is known for its history. The cities historical sites has preserved sites from the ancient Mughal times, such as, the Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort. As well, the spicy local food, more specifically the Lahori street food, is a must while visiting Lahore. While mentioning historical heritage, Bahawalpur is a must-visit, as it is full of Hawelis from the Mughal time. There’s many historic sites to venture through. The main industrial city of Pakistan is Karachi. The beaches in Karachi should definitely be on your list as well.

The list of eye-opening and amazing places to be explored in Pakistan goes on and on. Backpacking Pakistan is an experience that is sure to be a memorable one. It will be a very positive journey, unlike the common misconceptions due to media. So, make sure to visit and backpack through this amazing and gorgeous land of Pakistan. Experience the diversity within it. It’ll leave you wanting to come back for more travels through Pakistan, and definitely a very positive overview of the country.

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